8Bitdo Has A Cheaper Option To Fix The Annoyingly Short Cables On The NES And SNES Classic Edition

Credit: 8Bitdo

The new SN30 and SF30 gamepads by 8Bitdo for the NES and SNES Classic Edition.

While I have already covered 8Bitdo’s wireless pad solution previously, it seems that 8Bitdo has decided to make its wireless pad option for the NES and SNES Classic Edition simpler and more affordable.

If you buy the standard 8Bitdo SNES themed wireless pads you have to also purchase the Retro Receiver dongle to work on the NES and SNES Classic Edition. Buying these separately works out at $34.99 for the SNES30 or SFC30 and another $12.99 for the Retro Receiver dongle.

Well, now 8Bitdo has a simpler and cheaper option, an SN30 and SF30 set that includes a new Retro Receiver dongle all for only $24.99.

What’s the catch? These new pads can only connect wirelessly to the Retro Receiver dongle or via a wired USB connection for PC, Mac and Android. In addition, these pads don’t use Bluetooth and instead connect via 2.4G wireless.

The upside is that pairing the pad is much more straightforward with this new bespoke set and is as simple as turning the pad on.

The other piece of good news is that they handle identically to their SNES30 and SFC30 brethren.

Having tested these out on Super Metroid as well as F-Zero on the SNES Classic Edition, I can say that they are as good as the previous releases from 8Bitdo.

You can also still use the pads via a wired USB connection and they are again very serviceable and responsive.

Released on December 10, you can pre-order the SN30 and SF30 pad sets on Amazon for $24.99.

Disclosure: 8Bitdo sent me this new pad set to test out.

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