Hello, My name is Trever. (but you can call me PD or Puddle Duck)

I am married to a wonderful woman, I mean really wonderful (she lets me play video games).   She is amazing on so many levels, Smart, Funny and Beautiful.  We are coming up on our 20th year of marriage.   We have two amazing Daughters.


I can say that I am a classically trained OG (Original Gamer).  I started playing video games back on the Atari, which I still own.  My Mom bought the system for the family but I was the only one who could play it.  My Mom and step dad couldn’t get very far.   Then one christmas I asked for a GameBoy and we received the Nintendo, which I still have also.  (It’s not the first edition model that’s worth millions of dollars.)  I remember playing Double Dragon and Robo Cop.  At some point, I bought the GameBoy, with Metroid and Zelda, which I still have.


I did a bit of PC gaming but the upkeep was to expensive.  Then I purchased the Playstation, X-Box, PlayStation 2 and eventually sold them for gas money, then moved away from gaming.   After a few years of wanting to play again I bought the Wii and DS, and then the PlayStation 3, which I still have.


Now I have the PlayStation 4 and a YouTube Channel.

I played a lot of games and only a few standout…..

Metroid and Zelda will always have a place in my top favorite list, but I am not a huge fan of where Nintendo has gone.  Tomb Raider,  Racing, NFL, FPS and puzzle games to mention a few.

Once I found Skyrim I fell in love with Open World games.  I am super excited for Horizon Zero Dawn, hoping it is the Open World type game I like.  Playing Resident Evil 7 Survival Horror was new for me, I really like the survival aspect.  I also played the first Resident Evil.

I am excited about where Video Games are headed and look forward to playing as many as I can.

Thanks for reading,….. Until next time.

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