Space Survival Simulator 3D

Space Survival Simulator 3D / Spaceship Survival



by TaigaGames

Your space shuttle crashed into an asteroid. All other members of your crew are dead, and you’re a lonely survivor at this harsh and cruel place! Your only chance to leave this piece of stone is to repair the engines of your vessel, but this place is inhabited by strange creatures and your scout drones have gone crazy… Survive at all cost with Space Survival Simulator in 3D!

Be ready for ultimate survival experience! Control your character with a joystick, move around this asteroid, look for resources, craft weapons, and tools that will help you to survive! Be careful, this place is full of aliens and crazy robots ready to attack you! Find or craft weapons such as guns, bows or hammers in a battle for your life! Dive into the atmosphere of realistic space adventures full of space ships and unusual experiments! Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Space Survival Simulator!

Quarry resources to build new generators and unlock new rooms! Search for details of the engine to repair it and get out of this piece of stone! Keep your weapons alert – space hulk is not a tropical island full of wild animals, but some predators lurk in this place! Fight for your life with strange creatures and your own scout drones now went crazy! Do your best to stay alive with Space Survival Simulator!

Space Survival Simulator features:
Unusual survival simulator – survive at your own spaceship, crashed into an asteroid and find a way to leave it safely.
Large underground base to improve and render habitat.
Aliens and crazy robots as your enemies – fight for your life to survive in such a harsh environments.
Quarry resources to build new station modules or fix broken ones, craft survival tools and weapons, build shelters and even make furniture – it’s like a real life!

Live the life of the astronaut surviving after a space crash! Discover secret places on your asteroid and search for treasures of extraterrestrial civilizations! Test your hunting, battling skills and exploration being an astronaut exploring unknown planet! Stay alive at all costs with Space Survival Simulator – ultimate survival simulator in 3D!

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