Sonic Forces Gets A ‘Sanic’ Meme T-Shirt

Sonic Forces didn’t exactly re-ignite the Sonic Franchise the way Sonic Mania did (you can read our review to learn where the former falls flat) but one of its unique aspects is how it let players create and customized their own characters. Today, thanks to some new “dank” (or whatever the kids call it) and free DLC, fans can now make memes a part of their created character’s identity.

The “Sanic” T-shirt was found within Sonic Forces’ files a little while ago, but is officially available as of today. T-shirt features a crudely-drawn rendition of the blue blur of a bright green background. If you don’t know what a Sanic Hegehog is, I advise you to A) Stay pure, for the love of all that is holy and B) Make sure to turn down the volume on your speakers or headphone while Googling, and be careful out there!

[Source: Sonic The Hedgehog On Twitter]

Our Take
This is an unhealthy proliferation of the “gotta go fast!” mentality, which simply isn’t true. You can go at whatever speed you like.

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